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    Install the SafeSFS User Interface:

This section documents how to install the SafeSFS User Interface. The User Interface consists of a client and, optional, updates to the CMS DEFAULTS facility. The SafeSFS clients communicate with the SafeSFS server via CPIC and APPC/VM. To enable this, you need to update CMS Communication Directory (COMDIR) files.

Step 1: Select method for enabling User Interface communications:
There are two ways of enabling the SafeSFS User Interface. Select either SCOMDIR or UCOMDIR method below and follow the instructions for the method chosen.

SCOMDIR NAMES file on a common mdisk. (Recommended)
This method is intended for production use of SafeSFS, or for testing SafeSFS with a large number of users. The SCOMDIR NAMES file on a common mdisk enables SafeSFS communications for all users that have access to the common mdisk. Copy the entries in the sample UCOMDIR NAMES file on the SAFESFS 191 mdisk to the SCOMDIR NAMES file on the public mdisk for your system.

UCOMDIR NAMES file on each SafeSFS user's A disk.
This method is suggested for limiting SafeSFS use to only a small number of users. Each user creates or updates the UCOMDIR NAMES file on their own A disk. The SafeSFS entries for the UCOMDIR NAMES file may be copied from the sample UCOMDIR NAMES file on the SAFESFS 191 mdisk. The UCOMDIR NAMES file may also be used to override the SCOMDIR NAMES file, if desired.

Step 2: Load the comdir file.
Issue the command SET COMDIR RELOAD or IPL CMS to implement any changes to the UCOMDIR NAMES or SCOMDIR NAMES files. If using UCOMDIR NAMES for the first time, issue the command SET COMDIR FILE USER UCOMDIR NAMES A, and then the SET COMDIR RELOAD command.

Step 3: Copy the SAFESFS User Interface files to a public mdisk: (Typically MAINT 19E mdisk)
Copy the following files to the public mdisk: (Typically MAINT 19E mdisk)

Step 4: Enable the SafeSFS DIRLIST/FILELIST Interface.
To enable the Dirlist/Filelist interface PF Keys, it is necessary to make $SAFESFS your default Dirlist and default Filelist PROFILE XEDIT macro. $SAFESFS runs the IBM default profiles after it customizes the interface. $SAFESFS modifies the "AUTH" PF key, normally PF06, on the Dirlist menu and on the Filelist-Share menu. To enable the PF key change, each user must run the following CMS commands at least one time

The above commands may be placed in the SYSPROF EXEC for your system to automate this task for all users. You may also place these commands in the PROFILE EXEC of each SafeSFS user or issue the commands manually.

Note: If multiple SafeSFS servers are installed each user's DIRLIST/FILELIST interface may only be used with one SafeSFS server at a time. See installing multiple SafeSFS servers at the end of this chapter for more information.

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