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    Customize SafeSFS

Step 1: Update the SAFESFS CONTROL file on the SAFESFS DBA mdisk.
See chapter 7 "SafeSFS Control Reference" for details about the control file records to be added or modified in this step.

For each SFS file pool to be controlled, add the following records:

Update the following SafeSFS control file records:

At least one of each of the records above must be present in the SAFESFS CONTROL file. The contents of the SAFEPW record will be supplied for your site by Safe Software Technical Support. SafeSFS will not initialize without a valid SAFEPW record.

Step 2: Add the SafeSFS rule files, created by SAFECONV, to the SAFESFS DBA mdisk.
If the SafeSFS rule files created by the SAFECONV Utility were written to an mdisk other than the SAFESFS DBA mdisk, copy the SafeSFS rule files from their current location to the SAFESFS DBA mdisk. If SAFECONV was not used to convert existing SFS authorizations then skip this step.

Step 3: Enroll SAFESFS in SFS filepools.
Issue the CMS ENROLL command to enroll the SAFESFS id in each filepool to be controlled by SafeSFS. If PUBLIC is already enrolled in the filepool then this step may be skipped.

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