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Chapter 10. SafeSFS Fullscreen Interface

SafeSFS provides a Fullscreen User Interface that allows SafeSFS Users, Managers, and Administrators to manipulate SafeSFS rules. End users may add, delete, and update rules in their own USRDFLT rule file, or in any USRDFLT rule file they have Co-Owner authorization for. SafeSFS Managers update rules in rule files they have been authorized for by a SafeSFS Administrator. SafeSFS Administrators update rules in any rule file, including the SAFESFS MANAGE file.

Users invoke the SafeSFS Fullscreen Interface by issuing the SafeSFS GETRULES command. The name of the rule file to be updated may be specified on the command, or it defaults to the user's USRDFLT rule file.

The initial fullscreen panel displays the contents of the rule file. The user scrolls the file forward and backward, and shifts the file left and right by using the PF keys provided. The user can position the cursor to a rule and press a PF key to: add a new rule, update the rule, add a new rule using this rule as a model, or delete the rule.

SafeSFS displays a second panel, when the user selects the add, update, or model functions. The user fills or clears fields to create or modify a rule. The user presses a PF key to submit the rule to SafeSFS. If the rule is invalid, SafeSFS displays a message indicating the invalid field, and allows the user to correct the rule and retry. All rule changes take effect immediately.

SafeSFS prompts the user for confirmation when the delete PF key is pressed.

The fullscreen panel that allows users to add new rules, may also be invoked via the SafeSFS Dirlist/Filelist Interface. See the SafeSFS Dirlist/Filelist chapter for more information.

Similar panels allow SafeSFS Administrators to update rules in the SAFESFS MANAGE file. Examples of the fullscreen panels follows:

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